Premature Generalization

Premature generalization is the root of all (var alignment)


Who Am I – A Facebook Game, Part 3

This is the third part of ‘Who Am I – A Facebook Game’. If you didn’t already, check out part 1 and part 2.
This post’s code can be found on the whoami repository on github.

Where Were We?

In the first part we introduced Who Am I – a Facebook game that helps you get a better understanding of your personality through friends feedback.
In the second part we developed all the basic functionality of the game using Python and Flask.

In This Post

In this post we are going to register our game on facebook.
We’ll go over the steps needed to register a game and configure it.
While at it, we will introduce ngrok – a tool that will allow you to host the game on your computer.
We will then integrate our game with the facebook API so it can use the player’s facebook data such as her name, photo and friends list.
Finally we are going to create test users and test our game.
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