Why Learn Python? Because It’s FUN!

After leaving my job in a big american corporate, I spent some time thinking about how I want my next job to look like.
Browsing job description I came to a conclusion that I must learn a scripting language in order to find a job I like. Seems like most consumer web apps are written using some kind of scripting language. More structured languages like Java are used mainly in corporates (they are calling it Enterprise Java for a reason).
OK, so which scripting language to learn?
I looked for:

  1. A language that would help me find a job I like – it should be used in companies I find interesting
  2. A language that makes it easy to write consumer web applications – Java, for example, does not make it easy to write web applications. It is very good for writing code that interacts with other code but it’s verbosity makes it very hard to write code that interacts with humans
  3. It should be fun to use the language and it should have decent tools and libraries – IDE, web frameworks, etc.

Three very popular scripting languages are – Ruby, PHP and Python.
Javascript is another popular language and with the advent of node.js it can also be used for server side programming. But we’ll not look at Javascript since you must know javascript if you’re planning on doing any web programming anyway.
Ruby is very popular due to Ruby on Rails.
PHP is also very popular. A lot of very popular open source content management systems are written in PHP. Two very known examples are WordPress and Drupal. Facebook also uses PHP extensively.
Python is a little less popular for web applications. But I chose Python. Why? Read on to find out
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